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We aim to improve your booking by matching your organisation to volunteering placements nearby. These volunteering placements can be organised either by yourself or by local organisations.

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We think people are more likely to book if special offers or incentives are given. We also know that photos and videos of rooms nd surroundings increase bookings. Please ensure you send us good quality photos of your accommodations togehter with this application form. You can send as many as you want - we won't limit you.

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you must be, or have permission from, the rightful owner of all photos and images provided for your listing, and agree for Ethical Holidays to use these images on the website and throughout social media accounts for marketing purposes. By submitting this form, you afree that the information you have provided is a true and accurate representation of your business and that you have the legal right to operate as an accommodation provider and/or volunteer organisation. You also agree that all necessary health and safety requirements and precautions are carried our to ensure the wellbeing and safety of your guests and/or volunteers. Ethical Holidays does not accept any liability for the suitability or safety of volunteer placements booked through this website. it is the responsibility of the volunteer placement organisation to ensure that all volunteers are suitable and qualified (if necessary) for their chosen placement and that all necessary Health and Safety precautions or both the volunteer and teh service users are met. Failure to comply with the agreements set our above can result in your listing being removed from the Ethical Holiday website, without refund. We will make every effort to contact you and warn you if such an event is likely to occur.

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